Why Run For Life?


The core of the experience relies on an app that tracks and allows players to work on their own goals. Through the game model, players will improve their fitness as well as get rewards to encourage that exercise.

Move to Earn

The game model still focuses mainly on improving the user's fitness and health, but will still apply attractive reward mechanisms for members who are more interested in improving their fitness when they own NFTs. This process helps to encourage users to create exercise habits to improve their health regularly.

Social Network (SocialFi)

The application is integrated with the traditional social network model, users can easily share their training process, training route, and results, connect with other users to exercise together, or share life experiences.

Easy to use

You don't need to understand NFT or Crypto to be able to use the app. Download the app, join a workout or purchase an NFT simply to get started. Your only goal is to practice, practice and practice.

Build a habit of working out

Building a habit of doing something is difficult for everyone, especially when it comes to your health and fitness. Run For Life's realistic rewards factor and social media platform make it easier to stay active, healthy, and easier to create a workout routine.

Lazy to Earn

Besides those who want to improve their health, we still do not forget to bring a DEFI feature so that users can save time but still earn extra income. In addition, the DEFI features help Run For Life have a stronger and more realistic financial background. Just own your own NFT then walk, run and exercise and you will receive rewards from Run For Life

Holder Governance

Run For Life will develop freely and fairly, players who own the project's governance tokens have the right to vote on developing game features as well as voting on the trading roadmap of NFTs and other collectibles items of the game.