Game Mode

Solo Mode

Solo mode is the basic training mode for each person when participating in Run For Life. Depending on the NFT, the Daily Energy limit (shown in the Performance bar) and the Daily Token Limit vary. These limits limit the amount of Energy and tokens a user can get per day (Depending on NFT stat and Performance bar).

Team Mode

Team mode is an advanced training mode for each person when joining a running team together. While in Team Mode, depending on how many NFTs the captain owns, he can get a different Profit Growth Rate for all members.
*Note: During the implementation of Organizer Mode, all members must follow the same route, if the NFT rank of one of the team members is lower than the captain then that player must also go Follow until the captain's NFT level is completed.
If one of the members is more than 200m away from the captain's position, all Team Mode activities will be canceled, the member will still receive rewards based on individual performance but no rewards.


The daily quest system is a mechanism to help users earn more rewards as WSS Tokens. The mission system includes 3 basic types:
  • Sharing activities: including tasks such as taking photos and checking in, are shared on Run For Life's communication channels and other social networking sites such as FB, Instagram, etc.
  • Completed quests: basic quests like finding treasure, searching for other Run For Life players in the marked range, etc.
  • Weekly, monthly and more quests
Corresponding to the difficulty of each task, the number of RFL tokens received will be different.