According to the latest WHO report, the world's average life expectancy is 71 years. However, today, the health status of a part of the world's population is declining day by day. For the civilized and modern world of the 21st century, the development of technology entails pressure on income levels, high inflation rate makes you work long hours, which inadvertently leads to Stress, depression, and health care on the decline.
According to survey rates among teenagers, the main reason for not exercising is mainly due to financial pressure. This is evident in both men and women, especially those who are married. Some other age groups do not practice sports for many other reasons such as inactivity, addiction to social networks, and the impact of the living environment. The consequences of not exercising daily are huge. You can increase your risk of obesity, heart disease, respiratory disease, blood pressure, heart disease, memory loss, and countless other dangerous diseases. Like a machine that is not charged and maintained regularly, your organs are gradually exhausted and at some point, you will be like a broken phone, like a computer that cannot work move.
It's time to change your lifestyle. And look no further, running is one of the simplest and most effective methods to help you stay healthy. You just get up, put on your shoes, and start running anywhere and completely independent of assistive devices.
But if you are a busy person who has to earn money to support yourself, then you probably won't be able to maintain a regular exercise routine. Do not worry! This is why our team decided to create the Run For Life project - a solution to get you moving and making money at the same time. That means you will make a lot of MONEY just walking. Great!
Run For Life is a Web3-based fitness and health tracking mobile app with integrated NFT gaming and social media elements where you can earn rewards by walking, jogging, or gym.
To join the game you need to have free NFT or have to buy NFT in the form of sneakers then by walking, running, and exercising you will earn crypto and other NFTs in the game, Earned items can be used in-game activities or cashed out for profit.
Note: Run For Life is in process of being tested publicly. Therefore, the content in the official report may be changed in the future.
With 2 main tokens:
  • Governance Token: RFL (Run For Life Token)
  • In-App Token: RFE (Run For Life Game Token)
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